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Collection: Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Why a CSA share?
Farming is as unpredictable as the weather upon which it depends. In the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, those who buy shares join the farmer in the risks and benefit from the rewards in the form of a weekly box of fresh vegetables. CSA subscriptions give the farmer up-front capital to buy seeds, seedlings, soil amendments and other necessities. At Oksana’s Produce Farm, subscriptions typically run from mid-May to mid-November, with the variety of fresh vegetables expanding as the season unfolds.

Why Oksana’s Produce Farm?
Oksana Bocharova puts care and skill into farming, forgoing synthetic chemicals and instead focusing on boosting soil fertility with cover crops, crop rotation and composting. She also maintains diversity at the farm by keeping perennial plantings along the field edges and within rows to attract pollinators and beneficial predatory insects to keep insect pests in check


Our Summer 2021 CSA is a 26 week program running from May 13, 2021 to November 4, 2021

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