The Farm

Organic food is better for your family’s health and the planet.  Buying organic is a direct investment in the future of our food system, so it’s a choice you can feel good about.  At Oksana’s Produce Farm, we successfully apply biological soil management principles and practices, which incorporate (and go beyond) organic production standards.
Oksana's Produce Farm is a small scale farm located in Chestertown Maryland, where we grow a diverse mix of vegetables and herbs on 6.5 acres.  In addition to rejecting agricultural chemicals, we are searching for better ways to farm.  We feed our soil, by working on soil quality using various strategies to regenerate top soil.  In turn the solid feeds our plants.  We pay great attention to diversity by implementing a cover crop system, rotating crops, and recycling unused plants back in the soil in the form of compost.
We seek to understand the partnership between plants and soil microorganisms as well as increase the carbon content of our soil.  We maintain diversity by keeping perennial plantings along the field edges and withing rows to attract pollinators and beneficial predatory insects to keep insect pests in check.  These strategies, over time, will lead to production of more nutrient–dense food. We create a beautiful, diverse, and productive ecosystem which provides conditions to be their healthiest, so our customers also enjoy good health.