Oksana's  Produce Farm

Fermented Vegetables and Salads

We use centuries old methods to produce these nutritious and probiotic - rich sauerkrauts and other fermented vegetables. Our raw and vegan fermented vegetables are chemical preservatives, sugar, vinegar and gluten free, and contain little salt.  Our product is made fresh from high quality produce in small batches weekly.

Traditional Russian Kraut

Fermented for a shorter period of time than the sauerkraut recipes used in the United States, this Russian-style sauerkraut tastes crisp and fresh. Serve a little on the side with your main course.

Pink Sapphire Kraut


Fermented cabbage mixed with shredded red beets,  a bay leaf, dill  seeds, and peppercorn. Great on salads or your favorite sandwich.


Cool and crunchy, delightfully sour and capable of going from snack to sandwich without a hitch — that's what I call a good pickle.

Smokey Thai Kraut


Fermented cabbage mixed with a special blend of Thai seasonings. It makes a great addition to any sandwich or fish tacos.


Fermented Chow Chow

Chow-chow is a traditional condiment  made with a wide variety of garden goodies.  Spicy and sour condiments are served with grilled meats or as a side.

Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables. Oksana’s kimchi is made of cabbage , daikon radish, carrots leeks, green onions.

Dill Pickles